50 Ultra Marathon Quotes To Inspire Your Ultra Running Journey

50 Ultra Marathon Quotes To Inspire Your Ultra Running Journey

Are you ready for 50 ultra marathon quotes to inspire your ultra running journey?

If so, then buckle up.  I’ve jam-packed this page with enough quotes, tips, and encouragement to keep your forward motion RELENTLESS no matter the distance.

If you read this page all the way through, then I must say…

You are definitely committed to running a new ultra distance (or your first!).

But before we begin, please understand one thing. Realize that running an ultra marathon sure takes a lot of physical strength, but what’s more important than the outside is inside.

In other words, your mental strength plays a HUGE factor in how well you handle the excess mileage. 

As you likely know, finishing an ultra marathon like the 50k is a big accomplishment. But what happens when it’s time to run 4 in a row within one race? That is, when you sign up for a race longer than 100 miles?

You’ll have to look past leg strength and toward your mental strength to get the job done.

It could very well be the difference in crossing the finish line, or surrendering to the infamous DNF; the three letters that haunt new and upcoming ultra runners from all across the planet. 

Let’s be honest, your first ultra marathon is, well..scary;   I know it was for me. A cross between nervousness and excitement arises for any new distance. 

It takes courage to sign up for the race, get through training, and to the starting line. 

But here’s the good news: if you focus on both your physical AND mental strength during training, the finish line will come. 

Because here’s the secret:

It’s not your body that gives up on race day, it’s your MIND that has the final say. 

So whether it’s your first ultra marathon, or a new distance you’re after, the following ultra marathon quotes will help. I’ve written them in a way to help guide you through training and across the finish line. 

My Job: provide the everlasting resource of ultra marathon motivation.

Your job: always take one more step. 

Because the secret to never giving up on race day and avoiding a DNF is just that…


So get ready to open your mind and read the ultra marathon quotes…

Get ready to feel inspired as you reach farther and dig deeper on your path to running an ultra marathon. 

IMPORTANT: I added a shareable image for each quote. This way, you can share them to your favorite social media platform or print them out. 

I HIGHLY recommend you keep these in front of you during training. 

There will be ups and downs on your ultra running journey. Read them for inspiration and never stop moving forward. 

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Now, without further ado, the ultra marathon quotes to inspire your ultra running journey…

50 Ultra Marathon Quotes To Inspire Your Ultra Running Journey

Michael D’Aulerio here from LongRunLiving.com, and I wanted to offer 50 ultra marathon quotes I developed over the years. Quotes that will help keep your feet moving forward…

…no matter the adversity you encounter. 

After running over 100 ultra distances (between races and training runs), I sure learned a lot. But most importantly, I learned to look inward for energy, not outward. 

These quotes will inspire you, unlocking the door to your infinite potential. Now instead of running with only your legs, you will run with your mind, body, and soul.

So what inspired these quotes?

The answer: miles of suffering. Miles and miles of trials and tribulations. That, and how I’ve learned to handle it.

And it’s my intention to offer them to you…for help…for guidance…and to inspire you in reaching greater heights.

Or should I say…running longer distances.

So, let’s get started now with ultra marathon quote number one…

Please note: I am not a certified health physician and do not claim to be one. I’m only sharing the methods that worked for me. Remember, sometimes when you push the limits, the limits push back. So proceed with caution and never forget that safety comes first.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #1

“When you run your first marathon, more things seem possible. When you run your first ultramarathon, everything seems possible.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #1 // Long Run Living

One day you believe that the farthest a human being can run is 26.2 miles. So, considering your overachiever mindset, you run a marathon. You run all 26.2 miles and as a result, gain a significant amount of confidence in your life

But then you learn about ultra marathon running…

You hear tales of everyday people running distances you don’t even like driving. When you complete an ultra marathon, you do the impossible. Because of this, the boundaries of your limitations disintegrate. 

Now any goal seems possible, and that goes for goals both inside and outside of your running shoes.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #2

“If you make finishing your most meaningful goal, keep your pace relatively slow, find a big enough purpose, and nail down nutrition, the finish line of your first ultramarathon will come.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #2 // Long Run Living

Although running an ultra marathon is not easy, it can be simple. In fact, if you focus on a few key areas, you’ll spend your time wisely and focus your energy in the right places. 

From experience, I’ve learned the following areas are most critical to running your first ultra marathon: finishing, purpose, pace, and nutrition. 

First, FINISHING. Make crossing the finish line your number one goal.

Second, PURPOSE. The longer the distance you run, the larger the purpose you need to have. Because when you anchor into something much larger than running, and allow running to become a tool towards that purpose, NOTHING can stand in your way.  

Third, PACE. Slow it down. Look at your energy reserve as a bank on race day. Withdraw too much too soon, and you may go broke. 

Lastly, NUTRITION. Your fueling strategy doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be consistent. Nail down nutrition in training and execute it on race day.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #3

“When will you feel ready to race? You won’t. It takes a leap of faith. Signing up for an ultramarathon takes a jump into the unknown.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #3 // Long Run Living

No matter how much you train, you’ll never feel 100% ready to run an ultra marathon. Regardless if it’s first time racing or your hundredth, it still requires some level of risk. 

But isn’t that true in everything we do? 

No, you cannot avoid risk in life. However, you can choose the risks you are willing to take.

In ultra running, there’s a lot of uncertainty….

There’s risk in the commitment. As you know, you invest a lot of time in training. 

There’s risk in the distance. You never really know how you’ll perform on race day. 

There’s risk in fueling. Who knows if your marathon fueling strategy scales to the 50-mile distance.

The point: you’ll need to jump into the unknown. 

But know this: if you have faith in your abilities, you’ll make it to the finish line. Faith is what bridges the gap between the impossible and the possible. 

You are more enduring than you could ever imagine.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #4

“Ultrarunners don’t just know how to run with pain, they expect it, and use the adversity to better themselves.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #4 // Long Run Living

Pain and struggle are unavoidable. They are a part of life and relative in nature. 

By avoiding being uncomfortable, we seize our growth, thus reducing the size of our comfort zone. Now the smallest of obstacles seem monumentous. 

No, we can’t always avoid the pain, but we can reframe it. Ultrarunners learn this through the many grueling miles they face. 

Remember this: There’s positivity hidden in every mile, especially in the miles that hurt the most.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #5

“When running an ultramarathon, if you find appreciation for the first 99 miles, the 100th mile comes in no time at all.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #5 // Long Run Living

Running an ultra marathon takes a substantial amount of energy. At times you be running on what feels like an empty tank. 

That’s when gratitude comes in. 

Think about it. When you are grateful, you no longer feel lack because you find appreciation in what you already have. In other words, you feel WHOLE. 

When you are grateful, suddenly, and without warning, your empty tank is full. You’ll run those last few miles with a level of energy that can only be felt through a sincere appreciation for life. 

When I’m in the middle of a race, I constantly remind myself of how fortunate I am to be there. Running with strong legs, in the present moment, with a healthy pair of lungs, finding freedom on the course, and connecting with the trails…what’s not to be grateful for?

I direct my awareness above me and think, “Thank you for the miles you’ve given me, and thank you that I can say thank you.”

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #6

“I never knew I couldn’t run a 200-mile ultramarathon, and that’s precisely why I was able to run a 200-mile ultramarathon.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #6 // Long Run Living

Sometimes, it’s what we perceive as factual today, that becomes the limitations we must overcome tomorrow. 

When running a 200-mile ultra marathon, I had no idea if I could cover such a distance. But guess what? I had no idea that I could not either. When running a new distance, I let go of assumptions and try to stay in the present moment. 

Remember this: To know nothing is to know everything and to let go is to fly. 

Here’s the secret: when you let go of assumptions, you also let go of self-limiting stories. You can now write a new plot, with a main character who holds ZERO limitations.

So in this moment, don’t think…just run. Enjoy the journey and have faith in your ability to finish.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #7

“When running an ultramarathon, the first 50 miles I rely on my body and run on the trail. The next 40 miles I rely on my head and run in the mind. The last 10 miles I rely on my heart and run in the sky.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #7 // Long Run Living

Birds fly high, stars shine bright, and I run long! In other words, we are born to run. Without it, we lose a sense of self, and may feel bad because of it.

Movement creates more movement, movement creates energy, movement creates life!

The human body is made to run, and YES, this serves you during an ultra marathon. However, at some point during the race, the body gives up, and the mind moves you forward. Because as long as you can make sense of the miles, your feet will keep moving. 

But then you get into the real long stuff, and it happens…

At some point, even the mind quits on you. Yet, fortunately for us, somewhere far past the body, and just on the side of your mind lies the power of the human spirit.

I symbolize the spirit with the heart. And when you ignite the power of the human spirit, you become inspired. That is, in-spirit, and your limitless faith carries you to the finish line. 

Remember this: when the body digs itself into a hole of race day, the mind finds ladders, but the soul gives you wings.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #8

“As an ultramarathon runner, I’ve married the long run. However, this union didn’t start with a ceremony and champagne up in the air. Instead, it was a 100-mile race and extreme chafing down the pants.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #8 // Long Run Living

As you may know, in a traditional marriage, there’s a ceremony and a reception. You celebrate the union of two individuals and their newfound commitment to each other. 

Well, your commitment to ultra marathon running happens in reverse order. Meaning, the joy doesn’t come first. It comes at the finish line. 

Instead, it requires a lot of trial and error. You learn from the pain and struggle. We are all different. So a strategy that works for one runner may not work for another.

But then you cross the finish line, and because of the adversity you overcame, you gain a heightened sense of accomplishment. I say this because you earn it, and it’s an achievement that stays with you for a lifetime.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #9

“Is running an ultramarathon easy? No, it’s not. It’s a rather challenging experience. Running an ultramarathon takes a significant amount of training and dedication. But is it doable for you? Yes, it is. You are capable of more than you could ever imagine.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #9 // Long Run Living

No matter how you frame it, running an ultra marathon is a challenging endeavor. It’s strenuous on both the body and mind. But just because it’s stressful, doesn’t mean it’s complicated.

In fact, running an ultra marathon can be a simple process.

I explain this in my book: The Ultramarathon Guide: A Simple Approach To Running Your First Ultramarathon.

You can download the audiobook version here.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying ultra running is easy. No…not at all. What I’m saying is by keeping things simple, you will avoid energy-draining and unneeded details. In turn, this eliminates a considerable amount of internal resistance in training and on race day.

Here’s what’s most important: move your feet forward, and don’t stop until you cross the finish. 

Ultra Marathon Quotes #10

“I ran through the unknown, with a blindfold on, following my intuitive compass for guidance. That’s how I achieved the impossible, that’s how I ran my first 100-mile ultramarathon.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #10 // Long Run Living

Yes, preparation is the key to a successful race day experience. But the fact is you can’t completely control your performance. There will be situations that require a gut decision.

It’s unavoidable. Naturally, you’ll go through unexpected experiences.

For example, deciding to pop blisters or leave them be. Or determining whether to fuel more to increase energy or less to reduce nausea. Or how to handle extreme sunburn, chaffing, and sleep deprivation.

As the saying in ultra running goes…

Running an ultra marathon is not about how you perform when everything goes right, it’s about how you perform when everything goes wrong. 

And although you can ask for advice from your crew or fellow runners, no one knows your body better than you. At times, you’ll need to look to yourself for advice. In other words, you’ll need to follow your intuition. 

Ultra Marathon Quotes #11

“Every piece of the 200-mile training puzzle contributes to the big picture of race day. The big picture of running straight through the impossible and right on the other side of insanity.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #11 // Long Run Living

Running one big race is simply a build-up of many smaller actions you take in training.

And since there’s not much information available regarding 200-mile ultra marathons, the pieces can be somewhat puzzling. 

The race seems impossible, even insane at times. I tell you this from experience. Yet, if you keep moving forward, eventually, you will outrun the madness. You will then do something that was once only possible in your dreams: run 200 miles. 

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #12

“Every time you want to quit but keep running anyway, your ultramarathon running mindset strengthens. And when you come up short, adjust, and still achieve your goal, your ultramarathon running mindset expands exponentially.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #12 // Long Run Living

Of course, overcoming the miles of an ultra marathon is challenging. You’ll face a world of resistance, especially internally. You’ll want to stop, give up, and quit running altogether.

But do you see what happens? 

The adversity is for further development. That’s because when you overcome self-doubt, your mental muscles grow. 

The pain from the internal resistance of regret creates much more suffering than the pain from the external resistance of the course. Remind yourself of this if things start falling apart on race day.

Now, let’s say you do come up short and DNF. Or start training for a race and quit. The regret of not finishing can consume you. 

You now have two options. If you do come up short, you can either A-let the feeling of regret hold you down or B- use it to lift you up. 

Finish an ultra marathon, and your mental strength will be out of this world. Do so with the added weight of a DNF, and it will depart from this galaxy

Ultra running breaks us down and challenges us greatly, on all levels.

Every run breaks me down, expanding the emptiness I experience from within. Each finish line then fills me up to a brand new wholeness, taking me to new and exciting levels of human endurance. 

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #13

“Your body doesn’t give up on ultramarathon race day, it’s your mind that has the final say.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #13 // Long Run Living

Unbearable chafing, extreme nauseation, torturous blistering, sleep deprivation, unbelievable exhaustion…

These are just a few of the many obstacles your body faces on race day. In an extreme setting, you’ll face extreme problems. Period

And just when you think you’ve experienced it all, you face an unpredictable situation. 

I’ll never forget the extreme nose bleed I developed towards the end of my first 200-mile race. Or when I ran to the point where I forgot who I was. Or when I spilled my entire bottle of fluid between aid stations during a scorching hot day.

But after running over 100 ultra distances, here’s what I can tell you: extreme problems require extreme solutions. Here’s what I mean…

I’ve ran while dumping bags of corn starch down my pants because of torturous chafing. 

I’ve conditioned my body to run over 30 miles without food or water to avoid nauseation on race day. 

I’ve used a spray body full of ice water squirting my face for over 40 miles because of heat exhaustion. 

Even post-race requires extreme solutions…

After a 200 mile race I slept with the lower half of my body on the shower floor of my hotel room. The ice-cold water relieved just enough pain so I could get a few hours of shut-eye before my flight back home. 

The point: you can always find a way.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #14

“An ultrarunner’s stamina is the result of all the struggles they are willing to overcome both inside and outside of their running shoes.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #14 // Long Run Living

There’s a saying in the running world that our body doesn’t know miles, it only knows stress.

But in my opinion, this goes for both physical stress AND mental.

And remember the saying: how you do anything is how you do everything. 

The difficulties you are facing right now in life are preparing you for the resistance you’ll endure in running… and vice versa. When you see resistance in its totality, you’ll recognize the opportunity in everything. 

Life is hard, and so is running. Resistance comes in all forms. So welcome fear, accept the tears, and let you scars shine like stars!

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #15

“You don’t necessarily need certainty in reaching the finish line of an ultramarathon, all you need is certainty in your next step.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #15 // Long Run Living

Thinking about the distance as a whole is overwhelming. It’s too much. Obsessing over the mileage is crippling to your progress and creates self-doubt. 

So remind yourself that any length race…no matter the distance, is only the accumulation of many small steps. 

Running a new distance takes a leap of faith. But fortunately for us, we don’t need to be certain we can run the entire distance. All we need is certainty in the next step. Do that, and sooner or later, the finish line will come…it always does.  

…have absolute certainty in that

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #16

“If you train like an ultramarathon runner then you will become an ultramarathon runner. It will feel like a natural occurrence.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #16 // Long Run Living

During my marathon days, when I first heard of ultra running, excitement consumed me. I thought, “Who better to learn how to run farther than from those running extraordinary distances?” That is, people who have taken their craft and didn’t just jump up a level, but took a quantum leap. 

Extreme goals take extreme measures. Ultrarunners know this best. 

Think about it. Would you rather take relationship advice from a couple who have been married for a few days or a few decades?

The latter, of course. You want to hear from a couple who have gone the distance.

I’ll never forget preparing for a 100 mile run in below-freezing temperatures. Instead of going to the “experts,” I went to the “experienced.” Instead of reading about running in the cold, I read about the Iceman. The same guy who swims in frozen lakes and treks up snowy mountains shirtless. 

I applied his methods for adapting to the cold. As a result, I ran 24 hours in below-freezing temperatures in one piece. 

The point: if you read about ultra marathon running enough, an ultra marathon runner is who you’ll become. 

Reading this page will help greatly. And so will listening to this audiobook: The Ultramarathon Guide: A Simple Approach To Running Your First Ultramarathon.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #17

“To become an ultramarathon runner is to overcome suffering. Accept that, and there will never be a finish line you can’t cross.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #17 // Long Run Living

During any ultra marathon, you’ll have to endure physical pain. There’s no way around it. 

But here’s the good news: you can transcend suffering. Because it’s not the pain that makes us want to give up, it’s the suffering we create in the mind.

Running in the present moment, gratification, and total acceptance will help. For more, read An Ultrarunner’s Guide To Mindful Running.

And guess what? When you learn to transcend suffering, suddenly, the pain doesn’t seem so bad. In fact, you’ll start to see it as the path to significant growth.  

This will take practice. 

Fortunately, ultra marathons are long. You’ll have plenty of time to practice.

And here’s the bonus. As you learn to deal with suffering on the course of an ultra marathon, you learn how to deal with suffering on the path of your life. 

What a gift ultra marathon running can be…

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #18

“On race day, find comfort within being uncomfortable and hold on tight.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #18 // Long Run Living

It’s not in how many finish lines you cross, it’s about how uncomfortable you are willing to get. The secret to progress is in our struggles. 

Whether you are damp and sweaty from the rain, hot and burnt from the sun, or cold and frigid from the snow…

On ultra marathon race day, the elements will keep you outside of your comfort zone…and the adversity from the mileage will force you to pitch a tent there.

Your legs will feel shot, and the rest of your body sore. Depending on the length of the race, sleep deprivation will be beyond measure. I’ll never forget the time fell asleep running in a race across the state of Florida.

But here’s the thing, being uncomfortable is part of the experience. Over time, you learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You relax into the struggle and stay there until you finish.

Here’s what I wrote to a friend directly after running 100 miles in freezing temperatures…

“The cold was a constant suffer. Yes, there were some highs. But the background suffering never let up. From start to finish and every second in between, the cold created consistent resistance. I had to push through it the entire time.”

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #19

“Ultramarathon running will not only provide an unwavering amount of physical strength, but it will completely transform your mind.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #19 // Long Run Living

I remember a time where I held many limitations. Eventually, however, I came to realize they were self-created. That is, fictitious limiting-stories developed in the mind.

Some potential goals I believed I could never achieve. I thought, “how could someone like me run an ultra marathon?” 

But then I went on to run a 50k. Then 50 miles. Then 100k. Then 100 miles. Then 200 miles. Then over 200 miles. It’s been quite a journey.

And you know what? I say this with both humility and respect, but now…I literally believe I can achieve anything. 

It’s not that I think I can easily reach big goal after big goal. No, not at all. But I have a confident understanding that reaching any lofty goal happens by developing a system and breaking it down into many smaller achievable steps.

That, or find a proven system, and follow it diligently.

Take my book ‘A Runner’s Secret: One Run Will Get It Done.’ for example. It’s a proven system I developed for running any distance by running only one day per week. Programs for 50k, 50 miles, 100k, and 100 miles are included. Click here to listen to the audiobook version.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #20

“When running an ultramarathon, you must run as far as you possibly can and then…run 50 more miles.” 

Ultra Marathon Quotes #20 // Long Run Living

During an ultra marathon, it’s common to reach a self-sabotaging state. You think to yourself, “What in the world did I get my self into?” “What am I crazy?” “Who would do this to themselves?”

This holds especially true for the 100-mile distance. You literally run as far as you possibly can, give 100%, and then…guess what? You still have half the race to go! 

But somehow, in some way, you keep moving your feet forward. You reach the end of the race and come to a realization. You discover that your 100% effort was only a speck of the unlimited potential that’s within you. And it’s through your running shoes where this limitlessness is expressed.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #21

Isolation is a wonderful thing. You learn more about life through a 100 mile race than any book could ever teach you.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #21 // Long Run Living

Some people avoid solitude. But once you find peace in isolation, you’ll realize just how wonderful it can be. 

There’s so much to learn from being alone. You connect better with your thoughts, and most importantly, with your faith. 

This isn’t a religious text, but I’d be misleading to provide you with ultra marathon motivation without giving credit to the source. 

Because here’s the secret: even when you feel alone…you’re not alone. Find peace in solitude and let go to connect with your inner dwelling. 

I find this connection most powerful when running on empty during an ultra marathon. This is also a reason I run very long distances fasted. 

The day after Christmas this year, I went on a 48 hour fast, ate a light dinner, and ran 31 miles the next day with no food or water. (I teach my system to become a fat adapted runner in my book ‘The Fat Adapted Running Formula: A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Fat Adapted Runner.’)

I felt realigned. This is the joy I find through isolation, and ultra running becomes a path to get me there.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #22

“Ultrarunners do not just reach outside their comfort zone, they live there.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #22 // Long Run Living

Ever since I started training for my first ultra marathon…well, I haven’t stopped. 

After each race, I continue running, progressing my mileage gradually. During the years, I’ve run 50ks, 50 miles, 100ks, 100 miles, 200 miles…and everything in between.

No longer do I “train” because the progressive mileage is now a way of life. In this way, when I run, I come alive, and outside my comfort zone is what feels most familiar. It’s now my home.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #23

“Endurance will come over time, but if you rush, injuries will come in no time at all.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #22 // Long Run Living

No matter how much enthusiasm you have to run an ultra marathon, you still need patience. 

Remember…our bodies break down, adapt, and grow. Endurance is a game of patience. In ultra running, the miles are slower and race day doesn’t come tomorrow.

Of course, there are exceptions. But if you rush your training, it will likely cost you, and more times than not, the currency is injury.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #24

“An effort towards your journey of self-awareness will reduce the effort required towards your journey of 200 miles.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #24 // Long Run Living

When running an ultra marathon, you face resistance both externally and internally. I’ve run worried and stressed about life, where 10 miles seems like 100. Yet, I’ve also run peacefully and joyfully, where 100 miles seems like 10. And the difference was never from the hills on the course, but always from the mountains in the mind. 

That’s why if you focus on what’s going on internally, you can turn those mental mountains into flat ground. You then move through the course feeling light and enthusiastic instead of bogged down and discouraged.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #25

“Just like life, ultramarathon running is a beautiful struggle filled with challenging obstacles to better ourselves.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #25 // Long Run Living

Look, running an ultra marathon is tough. I’d be misleading you to say otherwise. It’s one of the most challenging obstacles you can face…ever. Yet, at the same time, it’s one of the most beautiful. 

Cross the finish line of a marathon and you’ll find strength in your strength, cross the finish line of an ultramarathon, and you’ll find strength in your weakness. This paradox will make you go mad, and then…it will make you go run, but this time, with zero limitations.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #26

“If you want to run an extraordinary distance then you must put in an extraordinary effort.” 

Ultra Marathon Quotes #26 // Long Run Living

An ultramarathon is an extreme act of running. It takes an extraordinary level of endurance and an extraordinary level of determination. 

But extraordinary is just that…and little extra than ordinary. So give a little more of yourself each day, and through a consistent effort, you will reach new heights, and if focused in the right direction, become enduring enough to take a shot at an ultra marathon!

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #27

“Stay committed to your running goals but flexible in your training.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #27 // Long Run Living

There’s an old proverb that tells us…

A tree that is unbending is easily broken. 

What does a tree have to do with running? Well, training for an ultra marathon takes a lot of time. We have to do our best to fit each run into our busy schedules. 

To help, try to avoid an “either-or” mentality. What do I mean, exactly? You see, for most, we see a missed training run as a failed attempt at our training program. 

But the truth is, you can miss a few training runs and still make it to race day. Just don’t make it a habit. 

So if you miss a training run, then…well, you missed a training…that’s it. Keep moving forward to race day. Learn to bend. That is, be FLEXIBLE. Do this, and I’ll see you at the finish line!

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #28

“The most powerful tool you have to run an ultramarathon is your mind, and when you master it, the boundaries of your endurance disintegrate.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #28 // Long Run Living

When you get caught up in your thoughts, you start believing them. Regardless if they are true or not. 

We create self-limiting stories that prevent us from reaching our dreams. Dreams of running a new distance; dreams of finishing an ultra marathon.  

But here’s something to consider: you are not your thoughts or the thinker. You are the observer. 

Compulsive thinking, the subconscious mind, considering the past and future…these can all be a gift or a curse…

The choice is yours…

When you run from the space of the observer, you are no longer the mind. The self becomes formless along with the boundaries of your endurance.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #29

“To become an ultramarathon runner you must have the courage to explore the vast depths of the impossible until you find a possibility.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #29 // Long Run Living

When you reach outside of your comfort zone…growth is guaranteed. However, it takes faith to explore the unknown depths of the impossible. 

To help, find comfort in being uncomfortable, and accept running from a higher level of uncertainty. Remember, running a new distance will always be unfamiliar. 

No, you may never know what’s coming, but you can always have faith.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #30

“When you’re grateful, it’s impossible to feel bad, and in a sport where discomfort is a guarantee, gratitude will help you along the way.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #30 // Long Run Living

Try this…

Think of something that stresses you out, something you fear…

Then after a few seconds…think of something you are grateful for…

What happens?

When you are grateful, fear vanishes.  

Now, consider how unbelievably helpful this can be while running an ultra marathon. 

When everything in you wants to DNF, instead of thinking of reasons to give up, think of reasons to give thanks. Gratitude can lift you out from those race day lows, taking you to greater heights, like on the other side of the finish line.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #31

“There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys, but whatever you face, keep your forward motion RELENTLESS.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #31 // Long Run Living

When running an ultramarathon, your emotions see-saw. 

You go from hopeful to hopeless, determined to discouraged, grateful to regretful. 

There’s times when you feel unbelievable, like you are floating on clouds. And other times…

Low…very low…down on yourself, with little hope for your next stride. 

But whether you’re on a high or low, it’s essential to accept your circumstances. Practice total acceptance and keep your forward motion…RELENTLESS!

If you want to help a friend with the lows and highs of their new running journey, gift them this book: The Long-Distance Running Journey: 101 Long-Distance Running Tips To Pave The Way.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #32

“It’s complicated to rationalize an irrational act like running 24 hours half-naked through the woods with an intense focus on preventing yourself from throwing up on your shoes.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #32 // Long Run Living

Here’s the thing, we can talk all day ultrarunner-to-ultrarunner, and our conversation feels normal. 

But from the outside, we sound like a crazy group of individuals. Unless you’ve done it, it’s difficult to put the “why” into words. 

Personally, I don’t bother. I keep my future races to myself and avoid discussing them until after I cross the finish line. This prevents energy leakage from explaining yourself. That, or losing motivation due to reaching a premature identity goal.

Overall, the irrational act of ultra running discussed by a group of irrational ultrarunners is rational in nature.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #33

“When you run for 10 miles you have ideas. When you run for 100 miles you have epiphanies.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #33 // Long Run Living

It only takes a few miles to leave your body, and enter into the mind. Here is where you can clear your head and sort out thoughts. As you continue running, inspiration makes your creative juices flow. 

But as you reach the ultra distance, your begin to leave the mind and step into the spiritual world. It’s here where your thoughts turn into insight, and your ideas become epiphanies. 

Never forget this: few positive thoughts can provide relief in the moment, but a paradigm shift can be a blessing for life.

After each run from the program found in ‘A Runner’s Secret: One Run Will Get It Done’, practice your creative work. Do this, a watch what flows out from your hands.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #34

“It’s not in how many races you finish, it’s in how uncomfortable you’re willing to get. The secret to progress is in our struggles.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #34 // Long Run Living

The finish line is only a marker of how uncomfortable you are willing to get on race day. It also tells you when to stop. 

So get out there and feel uncomfortable. How long you can run is proportionate to how long you can suffer. If you’ve overcome great struggles in your life…then you have the mindset to run extraordinarily long distances, and you may not even know it. 

Remember this: The endurance you develop derives directly from the struggles you experience.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #35

“Whatever ultra distance you believe you can run is the exact ultra distance you will end up running.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #35 // Long Run Living

If you believe you can run a 50k, then you will run a 50k. In like manner, if you believe you can run 100 miles, then you will run 100 miles. 

You are more enduring than you could ever imagine. But it takes a diligent effort. Only believing today won’t cut it. You need to have faith through the storm. 

Through the lows, in your most discouraging moments, is when you need to believe the most. That’s how you reach new levels. New levels of endurance and new levels of inspiration and motivation. 

We go through seasons as runners. If you hold faith through the lows, then you will reach new highs. Soon, nothing can stand in your way. Not even the 100 miles of dirt between you and the finish line!

I provide programs for the 50k, 50-Mile, 100k, and 100-mile distances in A Runner’s Secret: One Run Will Get It Done. It’s systems for running any distance by running only ONE day per week.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #36

“Enjoy training, fall in love with it, and become it. By doing so, you will look forward to running, not finishing, and that makes all the difference in the world.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #36 // Long Run Living

Sometimes we get caught obsessively focusing on the finish line. From the first step of training to the starting line, and throughout the race. 

Here’s the problem: when you find yourself stuck in the future, you create unnecessary suffering. Sure, future goals create motivation. But obsessing and clinging onto thoughts of the finish line will get you in trouble. You‘ve likely experienced this during your first marathon… 

I’ll never forget the final stretch of my first 26.2 miles. I could see the finish line, but every step forward felt like two steps backward. My mind couldn’t comprehend it. My brain was short-circuiting. I could have sworn smoke was coming out my ears!

Heres the point: when you take your mind off achievement and find joy in the act of running itself, you find the present moment. 

As I’ve said before…

When you run in the present moment, the finish line vanishes and time becomes an illusion. Now every mile is the same mile, and you can run extraordinary distances.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #37

“It will take a leap of faith to reach the starting line of an ultramarathon.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #37 // Long Run Living

Likely, you will not feel ready to run an ultra marathon. It won’t matter how much you’ve trained. To some degree, it will always take a leap of faith. 

But isn’t that true for any goal in life?

To start that new job or business…takes a leap of faith. 

To fall in love and commit…takes a leap of faith.

And of course, to run your first ultra marathon…takes a leap of faith. 

As human beings, we find comfort in control and certainty. It’s survival. However, no matter what we do…life will always be full of uncertainty. 

For me, I felt guided to run my first ultra marathon. So although I was uncertain about finishing, I was filled with humility and spiritual confidence. 

This was enough for me to take the starting line then…and still to this day.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #38

“Running an ultramarathon can be so much more than moving your feet forward, and it can be just that, moving your feet forward.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #38 // Long Run Living

That’s the beauty of ultra marathon running. It means so many different things to so many different people. 

The sport is literally the forward movement of your feet from start to finish…that’s it. Yet, at the same time, there’s so much more. Community, encouragement, hope, love, and hard work are only a few of its positive attributes that stand out to me most.

You are working towards the impossible. As you can imagine, this gives you meaning and purpose also.

As your feet step down on the Earth, your mind drifts up to the sky, and somewhere between the stars, you cross the finish line from the grace in your pace.

Ultra marathon running isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, and it’s certainly one worth taking.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #39

“Today, in this race, you do it for one person and one person only. You do it for yourself. You cross that finish line, and you change your life forever.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #39 // Long Run Living

These were the words given to me right before my first ultra marathon. I share them in my book, ‘The Ultramarathon Guide‘, and now, I share them here with you. 

There are many reasons we want to run an ultra marathon. But if it’s your first one…do it for YOU. 

Get across the finish line and watch how doing the impossible changes your mindset. 

Helping others starts by helping yourself. Remember, an orange can only give orange juice. Meaning, you can only give to others what you already have in you. If you have love, you can give love. 

Run this one for you. It starts with YOU.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #40

“The end of a 100k ultra is where the heart of the 100 mile ultra begins.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #40 // Long Run Living

When you finish your first 100k… it’s a great feeling (and awfully painful!). Running 62 miles is no easy feat. But then you run 100 miles and realize you always have more to give. 

In the 100 mile distance, as the sun begins to set, it’s time for a journey into the night. It’s an adventure. 

And for most, this feeling typically settles in around the 100k mark of the race. We then run through the night, and finish around sunrise. 

Now…if you go back and run a 100k race, the finish feels a bit empty. I say this because the 100k race ends right before the journey. 

 And unfortunately (or fortunately!) on 100k race day, you only receive a small taste of the adventure.

To help with a steady flow of energy from day to night, check out The Fat Adapted Running Formula: A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Fat Adapted Runner.

You can listen to the audiobook version by clicking here.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #41

“What earns the highest priority is the time spent on your feet and increasing your mental strength in the process.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #41 // Long Run Living

There are many different ways to go about running an ultra marathon. Various training programs, techniques, and methods are available. You can try different paces, intervals, or workouts. 

This is all great. But the truth is…too many options complicates the process and becomes exhausting. Ultra marathon running can be so much simpler. Because really, what’s most important is how much time you spend on your feet. 

Here’s why: at some point on race day, your legs will feel SHOT, and guess what? You’ll have many more miles to travel. 

Spending more time on your feet in training will prevent pain from surfacing too early and help develop the necessary mental strength to overcome it.

Fat adapted running has helped me greatly with pain management on ultra marathon race day. I provide my system here: The Fat Adapted Running Formula.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #42

“One foot in and one foot out will not get you there. You need to put both running shoes through the door. You need to FULLY commit to running an ultramarathon.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #42 // Long Run Living

Partial commitments crush more of our running dreams than injuries ever will. 

Remember the saying: where your attention goes, energy flows. Ultra marathon running takes a lot of energy, so it will require a lot of focus. 

Make finishing your next race a MUST, and you will get there. When you fully commit, you will always find a way.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #43

“The ultra running world is a place where the acceptance of normality is outweighed by the curiosity of what’s possible.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #43 // Long Run Living

Most people will think you’re crazy for running an ultra marathon. Because, well…. you are.


Sort of joking…

Eventually, however, you‘ll likely take “crazy” as a compliment. 

At some point, you won’t even bother with what’s considered “normal.” I say this because your fascination with doing something extraordinary will far outweigh whatever you consider socially acceptable. 

Leaving my house at 1:00am to run a 40-mile training run half-naked through the streets is now normal. And in some strange way…I look forward to it. 

Now that I’m an ultrarunner, the simple side of life seems much more vibrant. I sit down at work after running through the entire night, and all I have is a sore pair of legs to show for it.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #44:

“Every single action we take both on and off the trail starts with a decision, a decision to try.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #44 // Long Run Living

Decide to read an ultra marathon book. Decide to start training. Decide to sign up for a race: ultrasignup.com

Remember this: you are the architect of your life, and the building you shape is dictated by the decisions you make. 

Decide to walk to the starting line! Decide to put your next foot forward! Decide you won’t stop moving until you reach the finish line!

Make the decision to start today…

Start here: The Ultramarathon Guide: A Simple Approach To Running Your First Ultramarathon

Ultra Marathon Quotes #45

“If love can move mountains, then it can surely move you to the finish line of an ultramarathon.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #45 // Long Run Living

When you push your running as far as it will go, push it well beyond what you could have ever thought possible, far past any boundary or limitation you hold…suddenly, your frame of mind shifts. You realize the barriers were self-made in the mind. The walls then begin to crumble, providing you a clear path to reach even farther distances.

But it starts with a single step. So find a big enough purpose and fall in LOVE with the journey. Because if love can move mountains, then it can surely move you to the finish line of an ultra marathon.

Try this: Before race day, release the burdens of the past. A heavy heart carries great weight when reaching new distances. 

When you run with love, every act of forgiveness breaks one chain holding you back from reaching your greatness. Forgive others, and yourself, because Love is immeasurable. When you enter into the invisible realm of love, limitations are non-existent.

In this unity there are no uniforms. Within this space there is no race. From this state there are no states. There are no boundaries, walls, or separation. When you run with love, there’s nothing to measure. And when the distance can’t be measured, what limitations do you have?

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #46

“An ultramarathon, for me, is not an athletic competition, but instead, a spiritual journey. I let go to move forward, falling upward with every step.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #46 // Long Run Living

I could not take another step, and in the midst of my perceived downfall, instead of pushing forward…

I let go.

While looking at the sky, I remembered my underlying purpose. My spirit was then ignited. 

Everything inside of me SCREAMED to quit. But rather than give up…I gave more. I didn’t play it safe, instead…I unleashed my soul, and guided my wildly broken body to the finish.

I’ve done the supernatural because I believe in the supernatural, and my faith strengthens with every stride. 

I look up to the sky and think: “My forward motion is diligent because your love is forever. In this way, how could I ever give up?”

I introduce a program for combing fasting & running in ‘The Fat Adapted Running Formula: A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Fat Adapted Runner‘.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #47

“The final stretch of your first 100 mile ultramarathon is beyond words. I was unsure if the goosebumps shooting down my arms rose from the cool morning breeze or the perception of the impossible transforming into my new reality.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #47 // Long Run Living

The 100 mile ultra marathon is transformational. Race day is an exceedingly painful yet uniquely gratifying experience like no other. The distance can drain you both physically and mentally.

Some will give up, and others will persist to the finish line. If you make it, you experience a transformation…a self-transcendent experience. 

This goes for the 24-hour ultramarathon as well. 

It’s the agonizing pain of the night that brings the magnificent joy of the morning. During a 24-hour ultra marathon…don’t worry…you’ll experience both.

And in like manner, you’ll never experience a more glorious sunrise than the sunrise at the end of a 24-hour ultra marathon. Words cannot explain it because, well…even your mouth will be too exhausted to move.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #48

“Behind the calm eyes of every mindful ultrarunner lies the focus, clarity, and alertness to run astonishing distances.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #48 // Long Run Living

When you run mindfully, you gain a clear understanding that you’re in control of your internal environment. You become the observer of thought, instead of the thinker. Now you can eliminate self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from running longer distances.

Mindful running teaches you how to eliminate limitations on the inside so you can run longer distances on the outside.

When running, let go and feel the flow. When you align with a limitless groove, trust me, you’ll know.

When my body is broken on race day, I don’t look to my feet for strength, I look to the sky.

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Ultra Marathon Quotes #49

“If you continuously focus on the finish line, running feels like an eternity. Whether you’re 200, 20, or 2 miles away, if you get stuck in the future, you suffer.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #49 // Long Run Living

Clinging onto thoughts during a run will take you into the past and future. As a result, running creates suffering instead of joy.

While running, you experience different sensations, senses, and urges. These experiences create thoughts, and it’s these thoughts that take you out timelessness; out of oneness.

The point is this: in the present moment, time is non-existent, and reaching the finish line becomes very possible.

Ultra Marathon Quotes #50

“The best part of ultramarathon running is how we set out to achieve the impossible. It’s a direct relation to the flame that burns inside. It’s the same flame that burns in you and the same flame that burns in me. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you know, or how much money you have. There are no shortcuts. All you have is the motivation that drives you, your running shoes, and 100 miles between you and the finish line. I find this highly inspirational.”

Ultra Marathon Quotes #50 // Long Run Living

I didn’t grow up with advantages, wealth, or favor. Most of the time, unless with good friends, I came off as shy and reserved.

But that was only on the surface. 

The truth is, the flame inside of me burned so deep…so big…so bright. The passion for something more was unwavering.

But one day I realized, when you always want more, that’s what you receive. Meaning, you live in a mindset of always wanting more. 

More relationships, more money, more things, more experiences, more happiness, more recognition…

More, more, more!

Until one day… I let go. 

I found true freedom from being my self and by listening to my intuition. It’s been said that prayer is when you talk to God, and intuition is when God talks to you. 

Running 100 and 200-mile races, publishing 5 books and counting, running over 100 ultra distances, becoming a fat-adapted runner, starting LongRunLiving.com…

These were all things I felt led to do. Because through them, I could use my gifts to serve others. 

Running a 200 mile was hardly an act of achievement but an expression of the love pouring out from my soul. 

One day I woke up. The distance became shapeless. Forms of measurements faded away in their relativity as I ran from a space of infinite gratitude. 

Today, my ultra running journey isn’t a tool to reach new goals, but instead, a simple expression of the faith in my soul and each step is a prayer of Thanksgiving.

I give thanks for the hope in my heart and the faith in my soul. It’s the fuel that keeps me moving through the darkest of valleys knowing there’s a peak ahead with a view that I’m destined to see.

What you see on the pages I write are not words that come from the mind, but a message that comes from the heart released by my passion for serving others.

When running a new distance, try this: let go and let your spirit flow. I think you will be happy you did. 

Your next new distance may seem like a huge mountain too big to climb.

The distance may seem extraordinary, but remember…you have an extraordinary heart.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at LongRunLiving .com. And thank you for allowing me to serve you in your running journey. 

Ultra running can be an act of healing if you allow it. Healing for yourself and healing for others. 

That’s what you’ve read here. These are words that have come to me through the intense joy and suffering experienced while running over 100 ultra distances. 

The words continue to come because the miles continue to come. So be sure to come back and visit!

As mentioned, for me, ultra running is not an athletic competition, but instead, a spiritual journey. I let go to move forward. Falling upward with every step. 

Living a spiritual life in the physical world is like holding opposites together. There’s a constant degree of suffering involved. But it’s in this burden we carry that provides relief on the world and a future for generations to come. In this way, the pain is not something to avoid, but your contribution towards the greater good of humanity.

Accept the suffering…

Accept the joy…

And find the Love in it all. 

Because the only advice I can truly give is to give love and to give thanks for this gift you can give. 

Do this, and I’m sure I’ll see you at the finish line!

Try this: Before each run, look up at the infinite sky. Then close your eyes and look at the same infinite depth from within. That’s called POTENTIAL, and in that sense, your potential is LIMITLESS.

And remember…if you want a quick and easy read (or audio) for running your first ultra marathon, click below and start training TODAY!

The Ultramarathon Guide // Long Run Living

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